Cooks&Hayes is a blog dedicated to all the women who live in the UK countryside and stay at home. Not working can take a toll on you while other women/moms are happy to stay at home to take care of the household and children. We will tackle issues like how to get past boredom, how to eat healthily and how to enjoy life in the countryside since we all know how some of us find it very hard to give up the comfortable yet toxic big city life.

Reconnect with natural life

Living close to nature gives you the chance to spend more time outside and to teach your children how to enjoy the miracles of the environment. Some might say that a kid will prevent you from doing all the things you like but this is far from the truth. Even babies can be taken outside for a long stroll in the park. Toddlers can be put on a special bike seat and you can ride on the empty streets of the village. Living in the countryside and staying all day inside is such a waste of life and opportunities. People from big cities would kill to spend a few quiet days away from the chaos, so don’t waste away this chance.

Get out of a rut

Cooks&Hayes was born from a desire to help women everywhere, but especially those who live in the UK, to have a more accomplished life in the British countryside and to get past issues like spending most of your time cooking or cleaning the house. This might make you feel like you live in another era and it can be difficult to escape this routine.

Still, seeing the good parts of a stay at home life will help you get over it. You don’t have to punch a clock, you don’t spend hours in traffic, you don’t get yelled at when you make a mistake (hopefully your children and husband know better than that) and you have the opportunity to spend time on your hobbies whenever the children are fed and ready to bed.

See your children grow up

The average full time worker spends 9 hours away from home if you count the time spent on your way to and back from work. Staying at home is a blessing in disguise. You will have the chance to do something that many parents can’t: spend time with your children, watch them grow up. You still have the option to hire a nanny but you won’t have to do it for more than a few hours a day.

Go freelance

Nonetheless, stay at home moms who simply can’t sit around without working can do it from the comfort of their home. There are plenty of online job marketplaces to take a look at. You could start your own website, a homemade jewelry business, a homemade canned food business, or you could become a YouTuber.

The internet makes it possible for you to do so much more than back in the day. Cooks&Hayes is here to guide you through this process and to open up your way to a modern life in the British countryside while enjoying peace and slowness.