Best food in casinos

Not everyone enters the casino to play a game, or simply because they received a casino offer from Party. A casino that involves some type of bonus and it’d be a shame to miss out on it. No, believe it or not, some people enter casinos for the food. Whether you are a foodie, or just someone who doesn’t pass an opportunity to snack on some goodies, here is a list you will surely find useful.

Lobster pot pie in Bellagio

Michael Mina offers good food in one of the best-known casinos around the world. This particular dish has been around for more than twenty years. It came up as Michael Mina was having dinner with his wife and some friends. They had a bit of difficulty tackling the issue of eating the lobster properly. It is, after all, a task that requires some finesse and patience and is part of the experience. Some find it enjoyable. Mina was not among them. He instead came up with a way to eat the lobster that doesn’t include bibs, strangers touching your food, and needless complications. His solution was the best pot pie in Vegas, and if you can’t get to Bellagio, we suggest you find the recipe online – it is well worth it.

The Buffet at Harrah’s

If you enjoy good food for a reasonable price, and, in spite of that, still yearn for a semi-formal setting, hop on over to New Orleans into Harrah’s, a famous hotel and casino. We will not talk about their offers, bonuses, and games. Instead, we shall focus on what we were set to do to begin with. The spread is constructed so that no one will be left hungry, and you can fully enjoy their four exquisite meals. We would like to point out that there are special food promotions related to special events, so you can enjoy the delicacies like the prime rib and wings.

Golden Court in the Sands, Macao

Let’s take a break from the US of A, and shift our focus towards Macao. There, we will find a restaurant called the Golden Court. It is famous for acquiring multiple awards these past several years, and their cuisine is a special blend of culture, as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, which is Macao’s nickname, was a Portuguese territory up to 1999. The menu has something for everyone, so it is perfect for people who possess a delicate palate, even if they suffer from allergies that usually stand in their way. We recommend their Congee. Congee is a type of gruel, which is very common in Asian countries, but the Congee served in this restaurant is nothing short of wonderful.


We will leave you with a few final tips to enjoy fine dining in casinos. Don’t go overboard, as you will not get to experience the quality of the dish served. Avoid deals that are suspiciously too affordable. Last, but not least, pace yourself. Take your time and enjoy every bite. Bon appétit!