My favorite cooking apps and more

Cooking can be a very enjoyable activity especially if you know how to make it interesting. Some people like watching cooking competitions on TV to get this feeling. Considering the popularity of these shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if they introduced a betting system for people to win money by guessing the winners. Who knows, maybe a Unibet promo code 2018 might be useful for that in the future, but until then you can use it to bet on your favorite sports competitions.

Using certain apps can also make you feel more interested in cooking while providing an easy way to learn how to cook diverse and delicious meals. I will now present my top choices and explain how they improve an average cooking experience.


This app is available for Android and iOS and provides a collection of recipes belonging to various cuisines, each being accompanied by high-resolution pictures. What’s special about Allrecipes is its high social feel. More than 30 million people can leave reviews and recommend recipes.

The app itself allows you to create shopping lists and save your favorite recipes. Filters are quite extensive starting from type of cuisine to cooking time.  You have the ability to sort recipes by excluding the foods you don’t like or don’t want to use.


BigOven can be installed on Android and iOS devices so that you take advantage of more than 350k of unique recipes. This massive library accepts additions by letting you upload snapshots of your own recipes. The app also has a social feature that allows users to check out what recipes are recommended by their friends and favorite cooking bloggers.

There’s a meal organizer available to help with your weekly meal planning, a feature that comes in handy especially when you try to have a well balanced diet or get the necessary nutrients for gym training.  


Yummly is another major figure on the cooking apps market. The app is available for Android and iOS, offering a top class search engine feature that allows you to easily find recipes according to your personal needs and lifestyle.

Customization when it comes to refining your search is one of its main strengths. You can exclude foods you are allergic to or items that you simply want to avoid. Yummly has a way of learning what you like according to your app browsing patterns in order to recommend recipes that you are most likely to enjoy.

There is of course, an in-app shopping list feature but what’s interesting about it is the built in Instacart. You can order those ingredients from partner stores depending on where you need them delivered. The foods will get to you within the hour so that you can start cooking in no time without having to go to the store.

Other useful apps

Coupon apps are very popular and make your search for the right ingredients a lot easier. In this category, Favado is by far the most interesting option because it allows you to browse through a collection of partner grocery stores in your areas.

This way, you will find the lowest prices thus making considerable savings on your final tab. Major supermarket chains like Walmart and Publix have their promotions listed on Favado, thus allowing you to find virtually any cooking ingredient you desire.

Meal organizers can also make things easier for you. For example, Mealime is a free app available for iOS and Android that allows you to come up with healthy and customized meal plans that include relevant nutritional information. It also has a clever built-in grocery list function.