Living in the Countryside: How to Not Get Stuck in a Rut

The Country Life magazine made a survey about the desire of the British to live in the countryside. It seems that 80% of them would love doing this but only 20% actually do it. The reason might be that it’s hard to escape the comfort of a big city and to give up on job opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else.

Still, some of them are too fed up and decide to move to a quiet small town or village. After the “honeymoon” phase wears out, there is a transition period during which you feel bored out of your mind and want to get back to the city. If you manage to get past this time of withdrawal, chances are you will never leave the countryside.

The question remains, how do you avoid getting stuck in a routine as a stay at home mom? The solution is simple: do all the things you wanted to do but never could in your “previous” life. Here are a few ideas.

Stay outside

One of the main reasons why people are tired of cities is the inability to go somewhere quiet in the middle of the nature. So, whatever you do, get out of the house. Leaving in the countryside will give you the chance to do activities like hiking on hills and mountains (if any), cycling on the empty roads that pass through forests or green fields, mountain biking, visiting farm parks where you can interact with the animals, taking river tours on miniboats, fishing etc.

Whenever you don’t feel like getting out of your backyard or you can’t do it because you have to look out for the children, simply lay back in a chaiselongue and read a book while enjoying the fresh air and if you’re lucky, the warm sun of summer. Watch the stars at night if you get a clear sky. Go camping with your family regularly. This is a perfect way to bond and to teach your kids useful things about surviving in the wilderness.

Get a hobby

You might not be so keen on outdoor activities that involve wandering around the village, but there must be a hobby that keeps you entertained for hours. For example, you could try gardening or landscaping. If you are good at it, why not start your own local landscaping company? A village has a couple of landscapers at most, so this would be a perfect market for you to enter.

Do you like taking photographs? Then how about you play around with a DSLR camera? Or maybe you are good at decorating cakes. This is an accessible and affordable hobby that you can turn into a business thanks to social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Or maybe you enjoy sewing. This is seen as an old lady’s activity but who says you can’t do it too? You might get so good that you will open your own sewing shop. Your imagination is the limit, so don’t be afraid to think big.