Travel Ready Cooking Guide – Things to Bring if You Plan on Cooking

Cooking and traveling is amazing if you plan ahead and bring the necessary stuff. You cannot cook if you are missing the cookware or the ingredients so planning ahead is mandatory.

If you are planning on a trip, here are some things which you should bring with yourself.


Tablets and mobile phones are mandatory today as you are unlikely to memorize all the recipes that you want, as well as all the details. Tablets and phones can help you in a moment of crisis, when you need to check exactly how much of what goes into a dish.

Tablets also help those who are interested in other things while waiting for their meal to cook. Imagine waiting for a sports match result after you used your and bet on your favorite team. It would be unnerving, so tablets and phones help in so many ways, especially with emergencies, whether cooking-related, sports-related or even health-related.

Appropriate Cookware

If you are going on a camping trip, you should not bring so much cookware that you could fill a household, but rather, as much as necessary. Tin cups are best for shorter trips and those which require the least amount of weight.

If going by car to camping grounds where lighting a fire is allowed, then you can also bring larger cookware, even though tin should be your preferred material of choice. Foldable spoons and forks, as well as knives, should be a priority, which can all be fit into one multi-tool, many of which are available online.

Other notable things which you should bring are silicone tongs or gloves, depending on the situation you might find yourself in. Many kitchens will not have every tool you want or need.

You should consider bringing a peeler if you are dependent on one or are bad with a knife.

On that note, unless your multi-tool has a nice and sharp knife, bring a backup, as the quality of knives can be questionable in many kitchens, not to mention the absence of knives in nature.

Appropriate Ingredients

Cooking while traveling is impossible unless you have the ingredients necessary to prepare your meals. You should bring only those ingredients which do not really have an expire date or rather, those which can handle diverse conditions.

Likewise, preparation is always great and you can look up local stores and shops which sell fresh goods, whether fruits or vegetables or meat and nuts, whatever you need. You can use many of the map applications there are on the internet, which is another reason why you should have a tablet or phone with you.

These are some of the most important things you should have with you on your next trip if you plan to cook. You need the cookware and the ingredients, so plan accordingly. For the ingredients, look up local stores ahead of time and always bring a mobile phone or tablet, to have quick access to recipes and other stuff you might need in an emergency.